Lincoln the Jokester

P***y Weed Season 1, Ep 2 01/29/2014 Views: 31,154

Lincoln agrees to fix Ilana's busted veneer, but not before getting in some quality dental humor. (1:00)

What up, Ilana?

So I-- I bit into a jawbreaker,and my veneer fell out,

and now I ama literal monster.

I didn't know youhad a veneer,

and I'm in that mouthon a regular basis.

Well, I broke iton a dog bone,

so I don't tella lot of people,

to be honest.

You know, sincewe're bein' honest,

I want to share with you thatI have prosthetic balls.

What?I'm just kiddin'!

So, can you fix it?

Yeah, I'm not doin'anything right now.

(mumbling)Chill. I'm onthe phone, man.

So the earliest I couldsee you is 4:30.

Thank youso much, dude.

All right,so where were we?

Oh, yeah.

Yeesh! These allgotta come out.


I'm just kiddin'.

I'm a real jokestertoday-- I had that one,

and the one earlierabout prosthetic balls.

I'm crushin' it,two for two all day.