Joe Zimmerman - Andrew Jackson's Life Story

Joe Zimmerman Season 3, Ep 14 07/25/2014 Views: 7,093

Joe Zimmerman describes the result of a failed assassination attempt on President Andrew Jackson. (1:55)

First ever assassination attemptwas on Andrew Jackson.

He inventedthe assassination attempt.

A guy walked up, shotpoint-blank, the gun misfired.

Dude pulled out a second gun--

'cause I guesshe'd heard how hard it was

to kill Andrew Jackson.

It also misfired.

So Jackson beat the dudewith his cane.

And then he built a statueof himself

right where that happened.

When he left office, he said

his only regretafter eight years

was that he didn't shootJohn C. Calhoun dead.

John C. Calhoun washis vice president.

Can you imagine Obama in 2016?

"Any regrets?""No, everything was great.

"I do wishI had murdered Joe Biden.

I do wish that."

"What about the fiscal cliff,the unemployment,

the Web site problems?""No, that was all fine.

"It's just that one homicide

of Joe Biden."

When Jackson died,he had a pet parrot.

'Cause apparentlyhe was also a land pirate.

And the parrot had to be removedfrom his funeral

because it wouldn't stopcussing.

I really want to see this movieget made.

And I want it directedby Quentin Tarantino.

And I want Andrew Jacksonplayed by Samuel L. Jackson.


And I want the pet parrot voicedover by Samuel L. Jackson.