Urban Fitters

Bad Decisions Season 1, Ep 1 04/30/2013 Views: 156,444

Amy tries not to offend an African-American sales clerk while describing another employee. (2:11)

Okay, I'm Bengi.

If you need anyother sizes,

you please let meknow, all right ?


There you go.

Thank you.

What's your name ?



Oh, this is a yes.


Yeah.Thanks for coming.

Hi, how are you ?

Did someone helpyou today ?

Yeah, um...


Who was it ?

You know, Idon't--I don't see him.

Do you know whathe looks like ?

Yeah, he is wearinglike a-- like a vest,

or like a plaid shirt,I feel like--

I don't know what everyonewho works here wore today.

Um, he had short hair,so that'll probably do it.

Just that.


Black eye--black eyes ?

He has black eyes ?

Yeah, he had black eyes.

So he has black pupils ?

Yeah.Are there any otherdistinguishing features ?

I would guess he probablyvoted for Obama.

I know I did.

What ?

Oh my God, that's him,that's definitely him.

He doesn't work here.


You know whatI just remembered ?

Nobody helped me.

So forget it.

Okay, we work on commissionhere, so if someone

did help you,you should probably tell me.

Can I just, like,give you,

like $10 and youjust leave me alone ?

Darren, Bengi, Debri,Kaching, get in here, please.

Kaching ?

Thank you.

That's him.

You really can'ttell us apart ?

Whatever, Taffeta.

Your name says Amyon your card.


It would, I wasin the witness--

I witnessed, uh...

You were in thewitness ?

Protection program ?Protection--


And you just toldme that ?


Did someone helpyou today ?

Yeah, the Asianover there.