Suddenly Seeking Bernie - Gas-X on a Beach

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 06/15/2016 Views: 155

Matt Walsh, Paget Brewster and Paul F. Tompkins ponder the details of a secret meeting between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. (1:15)

The Democratic NationalConvention

is at the end of next month,which means

Hillary Clinton is running outof time to accomplish

two important goals.Number one--

find an outfitthat doesn't make her look

like Gary Oldman's characterfrom The Fifth Element.

-(laughter)-BREWSTER: Aw.


Number two--

win ancient snow crabBernie Sanders over to her side.

That's why the two of themgot together on Tuesday

to learn what it would taketo get his endorsement.

Here he is trying

to get more packets of creamerfor his coffee.

This is all a very private,casual affair.

Hillary ordered a pint of beer,

and Bernie ordered his favoritecocktail-- Gas-X on a Beach.

But hopefully, they sort ofcame to an agreement?

Such as... (as Bernie):"I'll endorse Hillary

"if she promisesa $15 minimum wage, or

"I'll endorse Hillary ifshe brings me a elixir of life

that allows meto live through the convention."

So comedians, what aresome other possible concessions

that came out of their secretTuesday meeting?

-Paul F. -Hillary agreesto attend Hamilton

and describe it to Bernie.

(laughter and groaning)

-Points. Points. Paget.-BREWSTER: Oh!

Hillary and Berniewill part brokenhearted,

but they will agreeto meet a year later

at the topof the Empire State Building.

-(laughter, applause)-You're a gentleman.

Just a game.