Dan Sally - Marriage Proposal

Season 1, Ep 0106 08/24/2006 Views: 4,525

When Dan Sally wanted to propose, a bat flew into his living room. (2:17)

I got engaged.

( cheering )

Thank you. Thank you.

To a woman, everybody,to a woman.

Um, I actually, I've beenlearning a lot.

Like, I learned being in areally committed relationship,

it's about compromise,

but it's also about knowingwhat you want

and getting that out of it.

Like, for instance,

I've told her I can't go throughwith the wedding

unless our songis "The Monster Mash."

And that's got meout of a lot of planning

I don't want to do.

We actually, we have a realinteresting proposal story.

I wanted to make itreally special

'cause I heardyou're supposed to, so...

so we went outfor a really nice dinner.

We get back to her apartment.

I'll kind of set it up for you.

Like, first thing I didis I set a diversion.

So I said, "Hey,I'm a little hot.

Could you open up a window?"

So she goes to the windowand opens it up

and a bat comes flyinginto the apartment,

starts circling aroundthe living room, right?

So she starts freaking out.

So I grab a tennis racketand just swat the thing

out of the air,and it lands on the floor

and it's flopping aroundand everything

and she's screaming,

so I just start beatingthe thing

with the racket.

You know, you got to give 'emtwo or three good whacks

to put 'em down.

I mean, they're very resilientanimals.

So finally the bat's layingthere motionless on the floor,

and we're both sitting therejust kind of taking it all in.

And I wait till the moment'sjust right.


And I said, "Hey, baby,it looks like there's something

inside that bat."


Yeah, so I got downwith my pocketknife

and I cutthat little bugger open.

And what was inside buta diamond ring, everybody, huh?

So I got down on one knee,you know,

with the ring in one handand that bloody dead bat

in the other, and I said,"Even this blind dead bat

could see that you're the onefor me."