Gusto Rules - Boobies

Green Out Season 2, Ep 20 08/23/2016 Views: 2,348

The leader of an egg nation introduces his people to the wave of the future. (0:51)

[triumphant music]

- Citizens of Eggmanland,

I am better than all of you,

and you love me for it!

[cheers and applause]

I come to you todaywith great news.

The future is bright.

The future is big.

The future's soft, warm,and cuddly.

There's nowhere elseyou wanna be but the future.

It's like resting in a valley

between two majestic mountains.

[cheers and applause]

You may ask,"Where is this great future,

and how do I get there?"


I'll send you a postcard.

[club music]

♪ Gusto Gusto, gusto rules ♪