Na'im Lynn - YouTube Haters & Terrible Tolerance

Kevin Hart Presents Plastic Cup Boyz Season 1, Ep 1 04/11/2015 Views: 8,061

A YouTube comment forces Na'im Lynn to recognize a painful truth about his face. (2:49)

Who in a good mood her tonight?


I'm in a good mood too.

Only problem with that iswhenever you in a good mood,

you always got somebodywanting to bring you down,

make you feel likeyou ain't shit, right?

[bleep] haters.

I'm on YouTube the otherday, watching my own videos,

'cause that's what I do.

I watch my own shit.

I was enjoying it, I said,this mother [bleep] funny.

Then I start readingthe comments.

I'm reading the comments, andthis dude was like, this mother

[bleep] look like a cat clock.

I looked in the mirror.

I was like, I do.

Like a [bleep] cat clock.

We are the Plastic Cup Boyz.You know why?

Because we [bleep] drink.

We like to drink.

Who drinking in here right now?


I likes to get [bleep] up.

Fellas, if you in herewith a woman right now,

get her [bleep] up.

Get her drunk.

That's what-- I, I tryto get women [bleep] up.


I'm not trying to rapeyou or nothing like that.

You know that littlespace right before.

You know what I'm talking about.

Trying to get them alittle [bleep] up for shit.

The only problem with thatis my tolerance ain't shit.

You ever got [bleep] up tryingto get somebody else [bleep]


One more drink, bitch.

You sure?

It's not working.

The [bleep], did you eat alasagna before you came out?

This bitch is full.

I've been seeing this shitrecently where women will

be at the bar having a drink.

And then they'll get upand go to the bathroom.

And they put a napkinover the drink.

Anybody see this shit?

I'm like what the [bleep]you doing that for?

This girl told me shedid that so nobody

put anything in her drink.

I said oh, so you think I'mgoing to be sitting at the end

of the bar like,damn I can't wait

till she go to thebathroom so I could

put something in that drink.

You put a napkin over it,I'm gonna be like, goddamn.

This bitch is a genius.

I have been foiled by a napkin.

You know what I'mgoing with that napkin

if I really wanted todo something to you?

I'm going takethat shit and wipe

my fingerprints off the glass.

Thank you, stupid.