Matt Braunger - Portland Is Too Nice

Matt Braunger: Big, Dumb Animal Season 1, Ep 1 02/06/2015 Views: 5,314

Matt Braunger presents statistical evidence that his Oregon hometown is filled with shockingly kind people. (1:10)

the coolest placein the world now.

When I was a kid,not cool at all.

So I grew up wanting to be cool.

See how things flip?

I love it.

I love Portland.

But it's too nice of a place.

Like it's way too nice.

Like, they did a study wherethey timed-- they got in a car,

and they got a stopwatch-- andthey timed how long it took

the car behind them to honkwhen the light turned green.


In New York it waslike 0.00007 seconds.

Green-- blam!


Get the [beep].

Welcome to Brooklyn.

In Portland this happened.


It's green.


It's 30 seconds.

Are you serious?

Holy shit.


The guy got out of his car,walked up, and was like,

bonk, bonk, bonk.

You guys OK?


You all right?

Just checking.

Brought you a slice of pie.