Prop Bets - The Possibilities Are Endless

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 02/01/2017 Views: 125

As the big game approaches, Maz Jobrani, Aisling Bea and David Koechner weigh the odds on unusual scenarios. (1:25)

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This Sunday is Super Bowl LI!

(cheering, applause)

And, as your friends with brokenkneecaps will tell you,

you can place betson absolutely everything.

Uh, way more than justwhether or not Bill Belichick

will masturbate throughhis hoodie pockets. Uh...

Some of the real prop betsyou can make... uh,

actually make on Super BowlSunday include:

"25 to 1 oddssomeone catches fire

during the Lady Gagahalftime show"

and "45 to 1 odds a fanthrows dildo on the field."

And if you'rewondering how a fan

would get accessto a dildo, let me repeat:

Lady Gaga halftime show.

So, comedians,the possibilities are endless.

Please come up with as many moreprop bets for the Super Bowl

as you can in 60 seconds,and begin. Koechner.

Uh, 50 to 1 oddsthat Chris Hardwick

spends Super Bowl Sundaywatching reruns

of Star Trek: Next Generation.

Yeah, it's v-very likely.Very likely.

You don't know-- could be, couldbe Doctor Who. You don't know.

Or Stranger Things. Uh, Aisling.

Uh, ten-to-one oddsthat the Russians

already know who wonthe Super Bowl.

Yeah, points.


One-to-one oddsthat Trump will tweet

that his crowds were bigger.

Yeah, points. Aisling.

50-to-one oddson record-breaking attendance

at A.A. meetingson Super Bowl Monday.

Yes, points. Maz.

One-to-one oddsthat a guy wearing

a Make America Great Again hatwill (bleep) in his pants

when he sees the word"Patriots."

All right, points. Yeah.