Making a Comeback in Comedy

I'm Sorry, Chelsea Season 1, Ep 3 12/09/2013 Views: 1,254

Brody returns for his first appearance on "Chelsea Lately" since he quit the show. (2:07)

Welcome back,it's good to see you.

It's good to be back.

So... yeah.

All right then, hi!

Aw, Chris!

Hi, Brody!How are you, buddy?

-Bro-dog, you look good.-Give me a hug.

-Good to see you.-What's happening?

-Get 'em amped.-I'm gonna get 'em pumped!

-Positive energy.-Lots of positivity.

-You're back.-I'm back.

Positive, in the moment.Right now.

-Hey, Jen.-You look so skinny.

-Really?-It's so nice to see you.

I'm so happy you're back.

I used to talk to Jen every day.I'd go into her office.

I don't have an office anymore,I'm just in a cube now.

I miss being here.

Well, you'll be back allthe time. You seem amazing.



You're so present.

You're not-- there's not likea veil of something else goingon in your head.

You're just so mellow,I love it.

That's what people say.

It's wonderful.

God, my whole episodehas really come full circle.

You know, if you live in thepast, that's depression.

If you live in the future,that's anxiety. I live in thenow.

I didn't know that.

Which is, uh, stress.

Um, he is back on the roundtable after being bannedfor a very long time...

and he will be at Bar Lubitschin Los Angeles May 31st,Brody Stevens.

Thank you. Thank you.

So, Brody used to be ouraudience warm-up guy...

and he was horrible at the job.

I did okay, you know.

I mean, you were okay, you werevery threatening to people.

Do you remember he usedto terrorize peoplewith that cow bell?

Ding, ding, ding,ding, ding, ding, ding.

You're like, "Even if you don'tthink something Chelsea saysis funny, you need to laugh!"

I believed in the show,you know?

Yeah, and now you're back.

I'm back,I'm honored to be back.

You're on better medication,right?

I'm on, I'm adjusting,I'm tweaking it.

So, yes, be very supportive,he's trying to make a comebackin comedy, I mean--

Or he's trying to get noticedfor the first time in comedy.

All right, I have to go backupstairs. I've been blowing offmy work all day.

Perfect acting, perfect acting.

I wasn't acting.

You're so sweet.