Senate Democrats Filibuster for Gun Control

June 16, 2016 - Deshauna Barber 06/16/2016 Views: 51,508

Senate Democrats filibuster for 15 hours in a push for gun legislation that would require buyer background checks and ban suspected terrorists from obtaining firearms. (8:18)

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So... from the chaos in Europe

we turnto the chaos in congress,

which, despite the nationalepidemic of gun violence,

has for yearsfailed to pass any laws

making it harderfor bad guys to get guns.

And yesterday, Democraticsenator, Chris Murphy,

of Connecticutdecided he'd had enough.

He staged a marathon speech,a filibuster.

We've got to show a signalto the American public

that we care...

that we care so deeply aboutthe consequences of inaction

that we are at the very leastgoing to stop this process

from moving forward untilwe can't stand any longer.

Yes. Yes.

-(applause, whooping)-Yes.


and he meant it.

Murphy and his colleaguesfilibustered for 15 hours.

15 hours of talking!

Or, as Dr. Ben Carson calls it,

-"ordering lunch."-(laughter)

(like Carson):Tell me again what...

size of...

-sodas you...-(laughter)


in this, uh...


And now for those of youwho don't know,

a filibuster is when a senatortalks for as long as he can

in order to prevent anythingelse from getting done.

It's basically liketantric legislating.

And, uh...You know what it is?

Have you ever watchedthat show Cops?

It's basically whenthey pull someone over

for stealing a car,and the perp in the car,

he filibusters,that's what he does.

The cop's like,"Did you steal this car?!"

And the guy's like, "Well,you see, what had happened,

"Officer, was, I was... I wasat my friend Darnell's house,

"and-and Darnell, well,you know how Darn...

"Let me tell youabout Darnell, man.

Darnell, he was saying thathe got a friend with a car..."

That's filibustering.That's-that's what it is.

NOAH: But this filibusteringwas riveting.

I mean, people were actuallywatching C-SPAN on purpose.

-(laughter) -Yeah, not justbecause they'd fallen down

and couldn't reach the remote.

And Murphy, he talkedand talked and talked,

and people on Twitterwere calling him a hero,

and he was.

But you knowwho the real hero was?

-That stenographer.-(laughter)

-Yeah.-(applause, whooping)

You think...

standing for 15 hours is hard?

Try doing it with a typewriterstrapped to your chest!

Can you imaginethat poor woman...

who no one warned,she's just standing there

and she's like,"Oh, really? Really? Oh, really?

"You couldn't warn methat this was coming? Really?

"Would have been niceto get a heads-up

"if you were planning to talkfor 15... Oh, no, no, no.

"I mean, some of us just havefamilies. Whatever. Whatever.

"Yeah, I'm standing,I'm in my uncomfortable heels.

"At the very leastyou could have warned me

"to put on my Chef Curry's,at the very least.

You could have told me, yeah,because they are fire."

So, what was allthis filibustering about?

Well, Chris Murphy saidhe would not stop

until senate Republicans agreedto allow a vote

on two popular Democraticgun control measures.

The first one would banterrorism suspects

from buying a gun.

And the secondwould close a loophole

that lets people buy weaponsfrom gun shows

or over the Internetwithout a background check.

And so once Murphygot his speech rolling,

his friends started lining upto keep it going.

He got helpfrom Elizabeth Warren,

who tagged in Bill Nelson,who tagged in Dick Durbin,

who tagged in John Cena,

-(laughter)-who tagged in Bobby Flay...

I'm... like, look,at this point,

I may have beenflipping channels,

-(laughter)-but that's not the point.

The point is, watchingthese people and their passion

was epic!

I want to start, um...

by thanking my friend,Chris Murphy.

I'm proud that he is forcing usto have this conversation.

After allof these mass shootings,

congress must do something,right?

They must respond.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

We can ban Rambo-styleassault weapons.

I have said if you need a AK-47,

AR-47 to hunt a deer,

you ought to stick to fishing.

Because that is notthe weapon of choice

of real sportsmen in my state.



Durbin with the burn.

Durbin's like, a real hunter

doesn't need an assault rifleto kill a deer.

Yeah, because you knowwhen Dick Durbin

goes into the woodsto kill a deer,

he doesn't reach for no AR-15.No-- too easy.

He goes in withnothing but a loincloth

and one of thoseplastic takeout spoons.


He scoops the deer to death.

And sometimes, sometimes,maybe the deer escapes,

but that's cool.Because later, at home,

when the deeris talking to his deer wife

saying, "Honey,we got to get out of here.

"There's a man...a madman running around

"with a plastic spoon.He's trying to kill me.

He's a maniac." And thenhis deer wife turns to him,

pulls the mask off--surprise, it's Dick Durbin.

Checkmate, (bleep).

(cheering, applause)


so, after 15 hours,

Democrats forcedsenate Republicans

to agree to finallybring these bills to the floor.

And you knowwhat that means, people--

they got the vote!

-Yes!-(cheering, applause)

They got the vote!

(imitates peppy marching band)

I-I apologizefor that shabby display.

Uh, we didn't actuallyhave a budget allocated

for the senate actuallyagreeing on something,

so, um, we didn't have timeto buy balloons.

Uh, so-so now... so now theRepublicans have agreed, right?

Uh, and let's find outthe specifics

of, uh, some of what they'llactually be voting only on.

REPORTER: The first would block those on terrorist watch lists

from buying a gun. The second would require background checks

for guns sold at gun shows and through online retailers.

Okay, okay. I...I understand this,

but I-I still find it weird

that you can buy a gunon the Internet.

I mean, I can't even watch pornwithout lying about my age.


So, you have two bills--

the first is designed to stopanyone on the terror watch list

from owning a gun.

Which sounds like it shouldn'teven be up for discussion.

I mean, like,who's sitting around going,

should we let terroristsget guns?

I'm gonna say n-no? Ye...

No, no, no.

Y... No, no, yeah, no.No. No. No.

It seems obvious.But the truth is

the terror watch listshould be up for discussion.

Because it's not as formalas it sounds.

The terror watch list--you realize it's a secret list

that anyone could beput on at any time.

The terror watch list is kind oflike the list girls controlled

in high school to determinewho was cool or not.

And I-I know a secret terrorlist that limits your rights

seems acceptable right now,

uh, because it's inthis guy's control.

But in five months--God forbid--

that list could bein the tiny, tiny hands

of bronze Stalin.

So you have to think about it.

Now, Democrats... Democratsaren't alone in proposing a law

to limit access to guns forpeople on the terror watch list.

The Republicanshave their own version.

Except it doesn't ban peopleon the list from getting a gun.

It gives the FBI 72 hoursto see if they can find a reason

to stop the gun sale.

But we've spoken to expertswho have told us that 72 hours

is just not enough timeto find probable cause.

So, both of these--

the terror watch list,uh, bills are...

they're really problematic,you know.

Both of these terror watch listbills are problematic.

In their own way.

But the other bill thatSenator Murphy won a vote on

is more promising, becauseit would close the loophole

that allows peopleto buy guns from gun shows

and over the Internetwithout a background check,

and the senate tried to getuniversal background checks

after Sandy Hook, but youremember Republicans blocked it.

And now, thanksto Murphy's filibuster

and his bulletproof bladder,

they'll have another chance.

And maybe this timethey'll do the right thing.

And the truth is,look, at the end of the day,

we all acknowledgeCongress has been blocked up

for a very, very long time

and maybe these billsaren't the greatest, you know?

In fact, one of those expertswe talked to used the phrase

"a piece of crap".

But, like anybody withconstipation will tell you,

sometimes passinga little (bleep)

is exactly what you need.