Lil Rel - Spirit Airlines

Lil Rel Season 2, Ep 11 06/07/2013 Views: 15,470

Lil Rel knows his career is doing better because he no longer needs to fly on Spirit Airlines. (1:31)

I'm so happy to be here.

Thank you, Comedy Central,for making my life better

and, uh, not flying meon Spirit Airlines here,

how about that.


(laughs) I was like, you knowyour career doing better

when you can fly better.

Like, anybody everflew Spirit before?

(crowd cheers)

Nah, why y'all cheering?

That's the worst air--Look, look...


Spirit is terrible.

They don't even gotno seat belts on there.

You holding handswith everybody in your row.

You, like...

They got a hold-hand light.

"Hey, y'all,the hold-hand light on!"

The hold-hand light.

All their flight attendants

old, black men...with attitude problems.

Let me tell youwhat happen, right.

I was sitting in the emergency,right? This a true story.

I'm in the emergency seat.

And you know they supposedto give you directions,

or make sureyou can save people?

He came over therewith attitude.

"Goddamn it,let me ask you something.

If this plane go down, whatthe hell you gonna do for us?"

"What the hell you mean?"

"Are you Wesley Snipes or not?!"

(laughs):Can't save you.


Passenger 57.

I love being Wesley Snipes dark.

There's some perks.

It don't mean nothingwhen you're a kid though.


Can't see none of yourschool pictures-- all teeth.

Like, look at them teeth, golly.

Look at them fourth-grade teeth.