Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Deshauna Barber's Miss USA Dilemma

08/16/2016 Views: 444

Miss USA Deshauna Barber faces a potential ethical dilemma involving Steve Harvey. (1:34)

(futuristic tones)

(audience applauds)

- Alright, I'm here with Miss USA 2016, Deshauna Barber.

It's time for the game we like to call Keep It Hundred.


Yeah. - [Deshauna] No pressure.

No pressure.

- Nope.

Gotta keep your answer 100% real.

If you do, you get one of these.

If not, I gotta throw some weak tea at you, Miss USA.

- OK. (laughs)

- That's how it works.

OK, this is a fun one.

You'll like this one, OK.

Alright, if Steve Harvey...


- OK. (laughs)

- Hosted the Miss USA competition that you won.

- Yes. (laughs)

- And came to you after, OK?

- Mhmm.

- Couple of days, and told you in private

that he read the wrong name again, alright?

And you weren't the winner, but he's cool with that,

and he won't say anything because if it comes out,

it'll ruin his showbiz career if anyone finds out,

but, you know, andyou'll lose your title.

What do you do?

- I would have to be honest

and come out and tell them

that I'm not the real winner.

It would would eat me up forever!

It would eat me up forever, it would.

- So you would say that you would out Steve Harvey

and say he messed up.

- Yeah, sorry Steve.

- [Larry] You would ruin his career.

- For integrity reasons. (laughs)

- Good, no that's good.

(audience applauds)

There you go. - [Deshauna] I get the 100?

- I gotta give you 100 now.

(audience applauds)

- Love that.

- [Larry] Sorry, Steve Harvey!

Get it right next time!