Exclusive - South Beach After Party

South Beach Comedy Festival 2012 Season 1, Ep 6 03/12/2012 Views: 20,524

Jeffrey Ross conducts interviews at the South Beach Comedy Festival After Party. (1:38)

-It was an amazing show.

The people came out to have fun.

A Friday night.

You know what I'm saying.

The energy's high.

It's Miami.

The backdrop's sexy.

So, you know, we justdid what we had to do.

-When you're out herein Miami on South Beach,

it's a beautiful place.

A lot of touristsand everything.

But don't be fooled.

Once you leave thebeach, Miami is the hood.

-How about this pool overhere at the Short Club.

Did you do a laparound that yet?

-I haven't got thereyet, but I will

when I see a lot morenaked bitches over there.

-Saw Cuba Gooding Jr. actinga fool out there today.

That was pretty fun.

-Out of all thesewomen out here,

you look for Cuba Gooding Jr?

-They got girls out here.

You don't know what they are.

Like, you know.

And um, most places yougo, you see a black girl,

you see a white girl.

Out here, you see girls.

You just walk up to them,be like, where you from?


They're Cuban.






I got to go to Cuba.

When Southweststarts going to Cuba,

me and my buddy[inaudible] will be there.

-You like juicy,voluptuous women.


There's a Brink's truckthat just dropped them off.

-You don't thinkit's kind of weird,

there's two men in the bed?

I mean, I know thisis a different time.

-It's Moroccan style.


-It's a little suspicious.

I wouldn't have pickedthis setting myself.

-Not for two strong manly mento be in the bed together.

-Well, I'm not goingto make any moves, LD.

You don't have toworry about me.


If I say-- we cool justas long as your knee

don't touch my knee.

Then we fighting.

This serious.