Trey Mack - Watch Me Nae Nae

Birmingham Season 1, Ep 8 11/20/2016 Views: 715

Trey Mack explains why he loves to do the Nae Nae and reveals why he never achieved his childhood dream of becoming a thug. (1:54)

[electronic music]

- Cut it off, cut it off,cut it off.

You know, young people will NaeNae to anything.

How y'all doing?[laughter]

Nae Nae is myfavorite dance, man.

That is my--I like the Nae Naefor different reasons, though.

I like the Nae Naebecause it can make

awkward situationsnot so awkward,

if you do itat the right time.

It got to be the rightplacement.

'Cause if you dothe Nae Nae after anything,

it seem like whatever you didbeforehand was on purpose.

Like, you ever be walkingin public, and you trip

in front of a lot of people?

That's embarrassing as hell,right?

Not no more.Nae Nae that off, next time.

You just be walking.[laughter]

They gonna be like, "He's havinga good time with life.

"That's what he's doing.He's always celebrating

another day."Ladies, you ever be waving

to somebody who wasn'twaving at you?


"It's part of my routine, bitch.

"That's a part of my--I don't know you either

is what I'm saying."Oh, my goodness,

it is good to be here.God is good.

God is good.Who said, "All the time?"


Always trying to provethey go to church, yeah.

"I know what to dowhen he says it.

I got it.Don't worry about it."

That's my problem, though.Like, I--I always wanted

to be a thug,but I was raised in the church.

So that, like, messes upall my thug activities.

Like, I can't do nothing right.I'd be the only gang member

trying to have group prayerbefore we do drive-bys.

"Hey, y'all ready to ride, cuz?Y'all ready to ride?

"All right, before we ride, bowyour heads and close your eyes.

Dear Heavenly Father,we pray for traveling grace."


"Be with us when we rideon these fools, Jesus,

"'cause we--we don't knowwhat the future holds,

but we knowwho holds our future."


No, because I like--I like allthe thug activities.