Black History Month in Trump's America

February 1, 2017 - David Miliband 02/01/2017 Views: 44,615

On the first day of Black History Month, Barack Obama cuts loose on a family vacation, and President Trump hosts a "listening session" at the White House. (4:46)

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So... so, as you all forgot,it's Black History Month.

Uh, let's...let's commemorate it

with a look at the most recentblack history,

-the Obamas, and what they'redoing... -(cheering, applause)

post-presidencyand pre-apocalypse.

The Obamas appearto be enjoying their R & R

as they vacation on billionaireRichard Branson's private island

in the Virgin Islands.

You see them there takinga casual stroll in beach attire,

the former presidentin flip-flops

and wearing his hat backwards.

He never wore his hat backwardsas president, I don't think.

He's never wornhis hat backwards.

He's nev... Like, why is thata thing people even know?

He's wearing his hat backwards.(giggles)

It's almost like he's black.

Oh, my God!

Yeah, Obama wears his hatin whatever direction

the country's going in.

That's a thing he does.

That's why he's never worn itthe other way.

Well, it's either that orhe's turning it to face Mecca.

Either way, it's-it's his thing.

I like the idea that now thatObama is done being president,

he's just going to go,like, full black, you know?

Cap backward, no (bleep) given.

He's gonna come back fromvacation telling everyone

to call him Hussein.You know?

It's like, "Excuse me,Mr. President..."

"It's Mr. Hussein,

President X, brah."

Meanwhile, America's otherpresident of color,

Donald Trump, was also observingBlack History Month,

uh, but he did it by invitingsome black people

for what he calleda listening session.

Uh, that's what he called it,seriously. And at first,

I was like, "What is a listeningsession with Trump?"

I thought it was just,like, him going, "you guys

"got to hear the new Migos--

"bad and bougie,cooking up dope with an Uzi.

Don't bring any of that Drake(bleep) in here, he's soft."

But-but give Trumpthe credit, guys.

Because nobody thought he'dremember Black History Month.

Let's be honest.Let's be honest.

This was the same person

who left Jews out of theHolocaust Remembrance Day.

We're lucky Donald Trumpdidn't come out today like,

"I want to say,all months matter.

That's all I want to say."Instead,

he invited black peopleto the White House.

Yeah, well, well,very specific black people.

Mr. President, we've beena supporter of yours

from the beginning.

I worked for you at thedepartment of defense.

Chairman Priebus called meout of my little town to come

help run African-Americanoutreach for your campaign.

I've, uh... ran your campaignin West Virginia.

I was proudto be the, uh, leader

of the education policy teamfor Trump, uh, transition.

I am, as you know,the former vice president

-of the wonderful charitythat your son founded. -Right.

Now, now, before you hate,before you hate,

I think it's very niceof Donald Trump

to have every black personwho voted for him in one room.

But, to his credit, Trumpreally tried to make an effort

to connect to black people.

And also to clear upsome misunderstandings.

You read all about Dr. MartinLuther King, uh, a week ago,

when, uh, somebody said I tookthe statue out of my office.

It turned outthat that was... fake news.

-(laughter)-From these people. Fake news.

Fake news. That is true.

Trump has kept the bustof Martin Luther King Jr.

in the Oval Office.

But you know sometimes he looksat it and he's just like,

"Obama, what are you stilldoing here?"

No, no, I'm-I'm just joking.I'm just joking.

Trump knows the differencebetween Dr. King and Obama.

But that might be as far backas his history goes,

because listen to how he honors

the great abolitionist writerFrederick Douglass.

Frederick Doug-Douglassis an example of somebody

who's done an amazing job and isbeing recognized more and more.

"Is Frederick, uh, here now?

"S-Stand up, Fred, stand up.

"Where's Fred?

Are you... are you Fred?"

"I'm Ben Carson.

That's who I am."

"Well, tell-tell FredI'm a big fan.

Tell him I'm a fan."

Now, they only let the camerasin for-for the beginning

of this whole thing, but I wishso bad I could have heard

the entire discussion.

Because the parts we heardwere so-so amazing.

So, wait,we're supposed to believe

that these gangs told this dude

to tell Trumpthat they respect him?

Which-which, by the way,what does that say about Trump?

"Hey, yo, B, we sawhow you runnin' (bleep), man,

and, yo, you one of us."

And Trump's like,"That's what I've been saying

"this whole time.Bad and bougie!

Bad and bougie!"