Musical Chairs at a Wedding

The Duel Season 2, Ep 10 08/17/2016 Views: 1,903

Some necessary rearranging takes place after Lillian's fiance drops dead at the altar.

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[crowd gasping]

- Everyone just relax.

Laverne's just taking a nap.

- Give him some air!

I am a registered Red Cross ladyof the Perpetual Watch.

[dramatic music]


- Oh, oh, I think he's justplaying charades.

[laughs]Sack of onions!

Dead industrialist!

Does anyone elsehave any guesses?

- Oh, my God.

Laverne has passed.

- [exclaims]

- No!

- You think you're "no"?

I'm no!


- Laverne is ina better place now--

not engaged to Lillian.

- Oh, but this still countsthough, right?

- Listen up, everyone.

There's somethingI must confess.

Laverne was...

very old!

[crowd gasping]

Yes, it is true.

I've known for some time.

But let me say this:

Grandpa loved life,but more than that,

he loved love,

and I love you...

- [giggles]

- Hortense.- [sighs]

[swelling instrumental music]

- Where's Grandpa's ring?

- Here it is.- No, that's my ring!

- Well, seeing as you neveractually married Laverne,

I am the legal heir to hispossessions and fortunes,

so technically it's my ring.

But actually,it's Hortense's ring

if she'll have it.

- Wait, is this even legal?

- I don't know.I'm ship captain.

- Yes!

I will marry you!

- Wait!

You've never even seen her.

- By Job, you're right.

I want to seemy beautiful bride.

- But should we checkwith the doctor

before you take those off?

And how necessary is it reallyto see the bride

before one's marriage?

- Oh, foo-fah!

I want to see your face,damn it.

[tense music]

So bright.

So clear.

I can see.

Oh, my heavens.

You're Hortense?

- [laughs]

- You're...

much more...

beautiful than I evercould've imagined.

- [exclaiming]



- No!

- [laughing]

I'm so happy!

I'm so happy!


[upbeat classical music]