Dana Gould - Weird Murder

Dan St. Germain, Adam Lowitt, Andy Zaltzman, Dana Gould Season 3, Ep 6 08/24/2012 Views: 9,733

Dana Gould thinks that cutting off a person's head sounds like a lot of work. (1:35)

We did have a weirdmurder in Los Angeles

about six weeks ago.

I don't know if the story gotout here.

Underneath the Hollywoodsign, they found a head.

No, it's true. Thisreally happened.

When I heard it on the news,the first thing I thought,

before I was even horrified,it was just like,

"that sounds likea lot of work."

I mean, 'cause mostmurders in L.A.

are just drive-bys orstabbings but this...

somebody had a project.

Somebody stayed up all night.

And it was so like a movie.

It was found by a guy's dogat a dog park.

I am not lying to you.

There's some poor son of agun was out there like,

"hey, buddy, whatcha getthere?

"What'd you find there, buddy?

"Whaddya got there,treasure hunter?"


And then the world's most highstakes game of "put that down!

"Put that down! Put thatdown! Put it down!

"What if I pretend I'll kickit!

"Put it down and I'llkick it, buddy!"

All that dog is gonna hearfor the rest of its life:

"buddy, no kisses! Nokisses! No kisses!"

"I don't understand it.

Everybody thought I was ahero and now 'no kisses.'

I totally don't understand."

Oh, yeah, the dog,the dog talks.