Margaret Cho - Margaret's Mom

Cho, Francese, Farentino Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/1993 Views: 13,083

Margaret's mom used to spoil her. (2:25)

I'm so trendy.

Very trendy.

But I am not astrendy as some people.

My best friend is so trendy.

She has everything on her headpierced that you can pierce.

Like her eyebrow, hernose, her lip, her tongue.

Everything except her ears.

I'm like, why don'tyou pierce your ears?

Oh, that's not really me.

What are you talking about?

You look like you wereattacked by a BeDazzler.

So hi.

My name is MargaretCho and I'm Korean.

I am so Korean.

I even have a Korean name.

My Korean name is Moran.

Which is a pretty name but youhave to understand I've heard

my mother scream itfrom across the hills.




I'm sure you can relate.

My mother has a problemwith blind intersections

she will sit there for avery long time and rant.

[korean accent] Theynever give you a chance!

[normal voice] I used to getso busted when I was a teenager

because I was so into thefilm "Flashdance," that I cut

the neck out ofall my sweatshirts.

My mom was overit. [korean accent]

Why you cut theneck out the shirt?

Why you cut the-- oh.

Frash dance.

Well, I think youare the maniac.

[normal voice] Sheused to spoil me.

She got me a FarrahFawcett fashion head.

Just her head on a platter.

It was like this weird Barbieas John the Baptist kind

of a-- Bring me thehead of Skipper!

This thing.

One time I took a magicmarker and I tried

to make Egytptian eyelineron her eye and I messed up,

so I tried to take it offwith nail polish remover

and I accidentallyremoved her entire eye.