Wayne Federman - Pink Floyd Concert

Federman, Winstead, Richards Season 1, Ep 9 05/30/1994 Views: 3,787

Wayne didn't have as much fun at a Pink Floyd concert as he could have. (1:10)

I went to see PinkFloyd in concert.

I was very upset.

I felt like somewhere on theticket, it should have said,

"To truly enjoy thePink Floyd experience,

remember to take some sortof hallucinogenic drug

20 minutes before the show."because really, I liked

the show, but thepeople around me

were enjoying it on a differentlevel, let me put it that way,

than I was.

At one point in theshow, a giant pig

comes floating outover the audience.

And I'm like, whatthis is, a hot dog ad?

I don't know what's going on.

The people around me arelike, "A pig, it's coming!"

They're diving under chairs.

They're belly-crawlingacross the floor.

I'm the middle of it all,going, you know, "Excuse me,

I can clearly see the wires."

I could see the wires.

I actually see theguy holding the wire

that's holding the pig.

This sucks.

Then later on, everyoneis chanting, everyone--

(SINGING WITH BRITISH ACCENT)"We don't need no education."

I'm like, "Oh, yeah?

Well, that's a double negative."

That actually meansyou do need education.

You're contradicting yourself.

Maybe we don't need anyeducation, I don't know.

Anyway, you guyshave been great.