A #HashtagWars Proposal

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 02/14/2017 Views: 939

Taking advantage of a romantic night out on the stage, @midnight fan Brian pops the question to his hashtag-loving soul mate, Emily. (1:52)

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Uh, beforewe get out for our For the Win,

uh, you guys... uh, you guysat home have been tweeting

#MyLoveLifeIn5Words jokesall night,

but I want the #Soulmatesover here a chance

to each throw in oneof their own, so ladies first.

-Emily.-All right.

I'd have to say...

"Mmm, pull down my Spanx,cowboy."

-All right, very good.Points to you. -Oh! Very nice.

And now, uh...

Brian, you got to top that.

I... I might be able to. Um...

Emily, will you marry me?

(cheering, applause)

Holy (bleep)!

Yes! Yes!



Oh, wait.

Hang on.


-You good?-Oh, my... Yes!

Wait, wait, wait, waitwait, wait! Wait.

Oh, my God!

Everyone was screaming.You said yes, right?

-Yes. -Okay, good, okay, good.That would have been really...

-Yes!-...really unfortunate.

He liked it!

-And he put a ring on it!-How are you doing?

-Doing all right.-Oh, my God. -Look at this!

-Did you have any ideathis was coming? -No! No!

Oh, my God.

Brian, you had to...How are you feeling?

I'm feeling pretty good rightnow. -You are feeling

-pretty good right now.Yeah, yeah. -Yeah.

That would explain the... yourpants slowly filling with poop

for, like, the first halfof the show...

-Yeah, pretty much.-...figuring out how to do this.

But, uh, what a great... So yougot-you got engaged on the show

that you guysinitially bonded over.

Now you're gonna go get married,so we'll bring that back

-onto the show at some point.-Oh, my God!

-(cheering, applause)-Congratulations.

I want you to...

I want you to nameyour first kids together

@midnight Hardwickton III.

-Think it's a great namefor a kid. -Of course.