Cincinnati Harambes

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 08/09/2016 Views: 147

Inspired by a petition to rename the Cincinnati Bengals after Harambe, Kurt Braunohler, Steve Agee and Emily Heller name more things in the fallen gorilla's honor. (1:05)

So there's an on-line petitionto get the Cincinnati Bengals

to change their nameto the Cincinnati Harambes

after the Cincinnati Zoo gorillafamous for... well, you know

that thingthat we all got upset about.

That's the gorilla that made usforget all about Cecil the lion.

The petitionis so close

to getting the 25,000 signaturesit needs

to get someonefrom the Bengals organization

to glance briefly at it beforethrowing it in the garbage.

Comedians, a beloved Internetmartyr like Harambe deserves

to have more than justa football team named after him.

What are some other thingsthat should be renamed

in honor of Harambe?

-Steve.-Denny's Moons Over Harambe.



-Those are...-Grand slam.

-Uh, Emily.-That Cranberries song

where she's like...♪ Harambe, Harambe

♪ Harambe,ay-uh, ay-uh, ay-uh. ♪

I'm gonna give youan extra hundred points...

-(applause and cheering)-Yes! -...for committing

to the Dolores O'Riordan cackle.Kurt Braunohler.

Uh, they should have renamed

that three-year-old so he neverforgets what he (bleep) did.