Exclusive - Obama's Anger Translator - Tropical Storm Luther Pounds the RNC & DNC - Uncensored

Season 2, 08/24/2012 Views: 210,549

With the help of his his anger translator Luther, Obama shares his thoughts on the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions. (1:36)

("Hail to the Chief")

- Good evening my fellow Americans,

with me as always is my anger translator, Luther.

- Hi.

- Convention season is here.

And the GOP event will undoubtedly

be an engaging spectacleto nominate my opponent.

- Have y'all ever seen 50,000 people

rally around someone they didn't like!

I mean that's like going to a Star Wars convention

when a guest of honor is Jar Jar Binks!

- We wish them a safe and productive event.

- Tampa! In August!

Good thing y'all don't believe in global warming!

- And we Democrats can't wait

for our own convention in Charlotte.

- Right!

Because Republicans aren't the only mothafuckers that choose

to have a convention in the one region of America

where it is 100 percenthumidity, all the goddamn time!

- To streamline the nominating process,

we've decided on three days of activity's,

instead of the traditional four.

- Because we broke y'all!

We do not have enough money!

How many goddamn times I gotta say it.

- Our convention will be in a stadium

big enough for a growing party.

- Two words, luxury boxes.

Two more, buy them.

Two more, you mothafuckers.

- Good luck to all Americans on what is to be

a wonderful democratic process.

- I mean, come on,seriously. Tampa y'all.

Celebrating democracy in Florida

is like celebratingfootball at Penn State!

Y'all got some unspoken issues!

I mean, goddamn.

- Thank you, and may God bless the United States of America.

- See-ya in Charlotte y'all!

They changed the city slogan to,

fuck it at least we ain't in Tampa!

You know what I'm talkin' about.

(Luther laughs)

Not that, okay.