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Since New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has been preoccupied with prepping for the big game, Paul Scheer, Whitney Cummings and Will Sasso clue him in on current events. (1:20)

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>> HARDWICK: First up-- Tom

Brady's got it all!

Four NFL championships, a

supermodel wife, even a cameo in

the film "Ted 2," which is a big


The Patriots QB is headed to his

seventh Super Bowl, but SB

Nation reports that when asked

for comment on the refugee

crisis created by the Muslim

ban, Brady replied, quote,

"What's going on in the world?

I haven't paid much attention.

I'm just a positive person."

(laughter and groaning)

(Hardwick laughs nervously)

"Hey, no, please.

Also, when's that big election

everyone's talking about gonna


What? White privilege?

I've never heard of it.



Comedians, Tom Brady's obviously

been distracted prepping for

this big footballing game.

Catch him up on the news in one



>> So, in football terms, it's

like if Donald Trump was the

quarterback, but instead of

throwing to the receiver, he's



(applause and cheering)


>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

>> Thank you.

>> HARDWICK: Will Sasso.

>> All anyone needs to know is,

we won, you snowflake, libtard


We're making America great

again! No?

>> No?

>> HARDWICK: All right.

>> Oh, no, no, not such much.

>> HARDWICK: Okay, yeah, yeah.

>> Not so much here. I'm sorry.

>> HARDWICK: Well done.

>> I'm so sorry. I forgot...

>> Wrong cable network!

>> I'm so sorry.

>> HARDWICK: Yeah, it's wrong.

Paul Scheer.

>> Dude, imagine if Roger

Goodell was the president.

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.

(laughter, applause)