Sam Patch Becomes the First Daredevil

Legends Season 4, Ep 2 10/04/2016 Views: 4,905

From jumping off waterfalls to owning a bear, fearless daredevil Sam Patch does it all. (2:01)

- Hello.I'm Nick Rutherford,

and todaywe're gonna talk about...

[chuckles]Sam Patch.

The first daredevil.

It's the 1800s.

It's not even the 1900s yet,

and it's just past the 1700s.

So young Sam Patch was working in cotton mills

14, 16 hours a day.

So Sam Patch, like all of his older coworkers,

would spend their very little break time

next to the river, watching the falls

that powered these mills,

and so Sam Patchstarted jumping off

the top of the falls, avoiding the deadly rocks,

landing safely in the water,

and Sam Patch turned outto be very, very good at it.

He did it so well, crowds started to gather.

He would-- he would pass around a hat,

take, like, pennies to help supplement his income.

So Sam Patch wants to dothe biggest jump of his life,

and he goes to the Passaic Falls River.

Sam Patch goes to the falls,

screams out to the crowd,

some things can be done as well as others.

Takes a few steps back,

runs and takes a leap into the air,

and then plunges feetfirst

in his trademarkstraight-as-an-arrow dive.

Sam Patch emerges from the water.

Waves to everybody.

People lose their mind.

That was awesome.

That was awesome. That was sick.

All right, so Sam Patch--on top of the world.

On top of the world.

He's doing great.

So Sam Patch gets a bear.

That's--that's what you did back then.

If you got to a certain levelof success,

you got a bear.

- Well, what should we call the bear?

- There's no record of a namethat Sam gave his bear,

but I'm 100% sure

that his bear's name was...


- Bomzi?

- I feel like I can do betterthan Bomzi.

- Don't--just don't worryabout it. So--

- I still think I can do betterthan Bomzi.

- Don't worryabout Bomzi.

- I am. I am.

- All right, move on from Bomziand just talk about Patch.

- I mean,you can keep on telling me

what you want me to say,

but I'm gonna keep ongiving you gold.