Between the Scenes - The Rio Games

August 18, 2016 - Emily King 08/18/2016 Views: 19,784

When Trevor watches the summer games in Rio de Janeiro, the judges aren't the only ones critiquing the athletes' performances. (1:10)

- I'm loving it.

Just love the Olympics.

Watching the people, judging them.

Do you also do the thing of judging?

Like, we watch, and then all my friends, we sit there,

we watch together, and then,

the judges just tell us one time what's supposed to,

the commentators, they go, now the gymnasts are trying

to get as close to the corner of the mat as possible

on the floor routine, and then I'm like,

oh okay, that's whatthey're supposed to do?

And then, two minutes later, I didn't know,

two minutes later I'm like,

oh, they didn't get close enough to the corner.

I'm deducting score.

That's a 14 for me, that is easily a 14.

So, we all become experts at home.

Oh, not a good landing,not a good landing.

You've gotta land, you can't move when you land.

After doing many somersaults, you should just,

your foot, mm-hm.

You should move the foot.

(laughing) You just get to judge the greatest athletes.

Oh, you came third, oh ho.

You are the third best person

in the world at doing that thing.

Ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

Who me?

I'm not even top three in my family.