Jared Logan - What Is SNAP?

Jared Logan Season 2, Ep 9 05/31/2013 Views: 7,625

Jared Logan doesn't understand why a support group for abuse survivors has such a fun, zingy name. (1:23)

One of the jobs I had was at atheatre that showed plays.

There are two types.



nobody wants to go see plays.

Plays are boring and stupid,

nobody wants to gosee them anymore.

So the way they get peopleto see the plays--

they don't sell a ticketat a time,

they have, like, groupscome to see the plays.

Like community groups,clubs come and see the play.

So, one night I'm workingin the box office,

and this big groupcomes into the theater,

and they walk up to the boxoffice, and they go, "Hi,

we're from SNAP."

And I go, "Oh, SNAP.

"That's kind of a fun,zingy name.

"What do you guys do?What does your group do?

"What do you guys do?

What is... what is...what do you do, what is SNAP?"

And then, they go,

"We're the Survivor's Network

for Abuse by Priests."

And I was like,

"Why do you have a fun,zingy name, then?

"And also, why do you guys

go on fun groupactivities together?"

That's weird, right?

Like, what, do they allgo to Six Flags

and ridethe roller coaster together?

Like, "Aah!

Oh, my God,that was terrifying!"

"Kind of like the time...

"that we weremolested by priests,

"and it ruined our lives.

"Do you remember that?

'Cause I think of itevery time I look at you."