Extended - Donald Trump-Shaped Cloud

Extended - Thursday, September 8, 2016 - Uncensored 09/08/2016 Views: 327

The Sklar Brothers and Esther Povitsky deliver weather reports inspired by a cloud that looks like Donald Trump. (2:12)

Extremely Cloud AndIncredibly Close.

You might remember DonaldTrump's lawyer, Michael Cohen,

for this classic legal argument.

>> But you guys are down...

and it makes sense that there...

>> Says who?

>> Polls.

>> Says who?

>> Most of them. All of them?

>> Says who?

(laughter, shouts)>> Boom!

>> That is...

>> No...

>> That is...

>> No...

>> That is...

that is maybe some of HughLaurie's best character work.

>> HARDWICK: It's so good.

Yeah, you know, the last seasonof House got real weird.

>> Says who? Says who?

>> HARDWICK: Says who?

>> Says who? Says who?

>> HARDWICK: It's nice to knowthat if he or Trump ever get in

trouble, their defense is gonnabe: "A bitch says what?"

(laughter)>> I like his confidence.

I want to use that the next timesomeone tries to break up with

me-- I'll just be like,"Says who?"

(laughter)(whooping, applause)

>> HARDWICK: Hundred points toEsther for that.

Now Cohen's tweeting out divineproof that Donald is gonna win.

This cloud. Hmm.

And he says...

(laughter)And he wrote: "In case anyone is

unsure as to who will be ournext POTUS, the Lord has chosen

the people's messenger."

(laughter)And those little tiny cloud

hands at the bottom are justgiving us all the finger.

(whooping, applause)Comedians, what's the weather

report for this picture?

Yes, Jay.

>> We have a dumb front movingin from the east.

(laughter)>> HARDWICK: Points.

>> I can leave it at that.

>> I'll leave it at that.

>> HARDWICK: Randy.

>> See, I think it's morecomplicated than that.

That is a very difficult weathersystem to predict.

It is a severe tornado warning,but only for Latinos, so, uh...

(laughter)(audience groans)

The cloud knows.

The cloud knows where to go.

>> And I... I think those wispsof clouds were taken from

another cloud and put on top ofthat cloud.

>> HARDWICK: And put on top.

>> Yeah.

>> HARDWICK: You think it was acloud transplant.

>> Yes, I do.

>> HARDWICK: Esther.

>> Cloudy with a chance of a guywho looks like meatballs.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

Very good, very good.