Sweet Baby Kita - Moving to Atlanta - Uncensored

Atlanta Season 1, Ep 1 10/02/2016 Views: 2,235

After relocating to Atlanta, Sweet Baby Kita repeated the mistakes she made in her hometown and struggled to fit into the new bougie environment. (1:20)

My whole town isabout this big,

and since I sleptwith everybody down there,

I relocated to Atlanta, Georgia,to turn my life over to Christ.

I need y'all to knowI'm moving to Houston, Texas,

in a couple of weeks.

Atlanta ain't as bigas I thought it was.


It's a shame when you startre-fucking niggas.

I was like,"Ugh, you again?

Come on.

I got here loving Atlanta.

It's crazy, 'cause theytreated me so nice.

They valet parked my carat a Cheesecake Factory.

Turned up,the white man came out,

gave me a ticket.He said,

"We gon' take your vehicle,"park it for you.

Have a wonderful nightat Cheesecake Factory."

I'm like, "Wow.

Let me tell yousome stuff though."

I said, "First of all,you gotta turn this key

"all the way back and jiggle itto get it out the ignition.

"You gotta roll this window downand stick your arm out of it,

"'cause this car ain't gonnaopen from the inside.

"Uh, oh, that brickon that back seat,

"it go behind the tireonce you park it,

'cause this motherwill roll."

He gave me $5 and said,"Go on down the hill,

put it in the firstparking space you see."