Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships Season 1, Ep 19 08/02/2016 Views: 1,523

Nikki and Rachel Feinstein visit a museum in L.A. that collects anonymous artifacts from people's breakups. (3:37)

(acoustic guitar music)

- Welcome to The Museumof Broken Relationships.

- Thank you for having us.

I feel very at home here.


- Like, this is like the museum

of the human experience and what's happening now.

Where's the Taylor Swift section?


- So, the thing is everything's anonymous

so I can't tell you.

It's upstairs.

- Okay, I feel like I'd be happier going through here

if I was in a relationship.

But, since I've made just a cocktail of bad decisions,

like I'm still inside of that feeling.

- Yes, I can't wait, let's go!

- Yeah.- [Rachel] Yes.

(acoustic guitar music)

- This is a binder of poems.

I guess this chick wrote poems during the whole relationship

and then, when it was over, she was like,

"I need these out of my life."

I understand wanting to throw away poetry.

- Yeah, I understand why he might've wanted

to break it off with her.


How many poems can one guy receive

before he's had it with her shit.

(upbeat drumming music)

- Oh, she was dating a junkie,

and he ripped this out of a pay phone,

and then gave it to her.

- So, they broke up,and he's now single, or?

- I hope. - [Rachel] What's his status?

(synth pop music)

- When you're going through a break up,

don't you kind of just want them to die,

so that like they can'tfind someone else?

- I want like a series of unfortunate things to happen.

- Oh, okay. - Yeah.

- Like just a hawk floated off with him.

- No, I want them like actively murdered.

- You want them dead. - [Nikki] Not murdered

because I don't wanna implicated,

but yeah, I'd like them to die.

- Yes.

- All right, let's keep looking.


(synth pop music)

- What is that?

"Pay attention to me."

That's the most heartbreak per square inch in this place.

- I'm gonna do it, too, for when I have a boyfriend,

and he ignores me for my next--

- He definitely will.


- Aw, I hate you.

- You pick the worst people, I'm just kidding.


(upbeat rock music)

- Okay, so, we brought some stuff

from our broken relationships,

and we want you justto like assess to see--

These, okay, noise cancelling headphones.

I'm not comfortable with my own emotions,

so I would wear these and put 'em on,

and then weep.

I'd be like (fake crying sounds).

And I couldn't' hearmyself, so I felt like--

- I think those would absolutely count.

Everyone processesgrief in their own way,

so I think that that story would work.

- These headphones are like super expensive,

so I'm gonna hold on to these.

Okay, Rach, you're up.

- So, the alcoholic that I dated--

This is when I knew that this was kind of the last straw is

I came home one night, and he was wasted

on the edge of the bedwith only this shirt on,

just this Hawaiian top.

- Pants-less?

- Balls, dick, and his celebrational Hawaiian shirt.

He was just sitting there and going like,


- Like that was a good decision he making?

- Yes, he kept pointingto his shirt and going,




- And, you dated him for how much longer after that?

- A few years.


All right, I was aggressively lonely at the time

and he was very hot.

- Oh, this is just a bag of batteries.

I don't know what to do with batteries.

Yeah, but okay, I wish I could relate it to something.

So, that doesn't really work.

I honestly feel like I need to date more terrible people

before I donate anything.

The best stories come out of break ups.

I think this is why this museum works,

and girl, you need to get yourself into some therapy.


(symbol sounding)