Uncensored - Judah Friedlander - The World Champion

Lynne Koplitz, Lil Rel Howery, Judah Friedlander Season 1, Ep 5 05/11/2014 Views: 12,581

Judah Friedlander points out some key differences between the 80s and modern times. (1:37)

Thanks for thesitting ovation, everybody.

Thank you.

Excellent clapping skills,everybody.

You were good, dude.

Not bad at all.

But you were the best.

Let's see itagain, just you.

Fucking perfect technique,well done, sir.

Now, what do you got, buddy?


No, too floppy--kind of weak, dude.

A little off beat?

I think it's the worst clappingtechnique I've ever seen.

Why don't you get the fuck outof here right now?

Kidnapping children, uh...

Not as easy as it used to be,let's talk about it.

You can't just use candy.

If you'reon the Upper West Side,

you better have some organickale chips and free Wi-Fi.

It's not the '80s.

That's whatI'm trying to say.

Protect the kids,it's not the '80s.

I'm a world champion,it's on a windbreaker.

That means it's real.


Don't look at me that way,I'll fuck you up, dude.

I grew up ona dead-end street

because I killed all myneighbors.

I used to be an insecurityguard, I, uh...

I would guard people withlow self-esteem

and make sure they nevergot a compliment.

Nobody fucks with me, man.

I spell "anarchy"any way I want.

I just shaved 20 minutes ago.Anyone else?

No other fuckin' manhere tonight?