Deleted Scene - The New, Compassionate Lillian

Servants' Disease Season 2, Ep 6 07/20/2016 Views: 299

Lillian appears surprisingly graceful after Hortense gets all the media coverage for helping the sick servants. (1:10)

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- Oh there you are Hortense,

I've been looking for you everywhere.

- Oh, hello Lillian.

Did you enjoy yourlittle dance with death?

- I did.

I held those people, I helped those people,

I pretended to learn thenames of those people.

- Really?

Well The Looky-Loo didn't seem to notice.


Now who is that?

Oh, that's me.

That's Hortense.

It must hurt to see me win again.

- Not at all.

It felt worth it just to help.

I even brought you a souvenir.

Brulee, your favorite.

- Thank you Lillian.

Perhaps there is more to you

than being an awful person after all.

You know I think I'll goenjoy my desert upstairs

while I work on my erotic novel.

Good night.

- Enjoy the brulee.

And diarrhea.