Kyle Kinane - Living Alone

Kyle Kinane: Whiskey Icarus Season 1, Ep 1 11/24/2012 Views: 23,992

Is Kyle Kinane living alone because he's matured or because he knows he's about to get very strange? (2:17)

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I'm 35, I justgot my own place.

Took a while.

Some people my ageare astronauts.

I don't know if I gotmy own place because it's like,

I'm thir--like, that's what--like, it was the pressures

of, like,societal pressures.

Like,That's what you do.

You're 35.You're a grown man.

You live by yourself,and you're an independent man.

You live by yourself,and you start drinking scotch

instead of crappy beer,and you switch back to briefs.

That's what you do,'cause you're a grown man,

and that'swhat grown men do.

Or if I got my own place'cause I realize

I'm about to getthe type of weird

that I can't even have peoplewitness on accident anymore.

Things are aboutto get strange,

and I'm gonna needsome solitude for that.

And I thinkit's much more that.

It's not so much like,"I'm gonna pay my bills on time

and read more books."

It's much more like,"Twizzlers look like

"they fit in buttholes,

"and I cannot have somebodywalking into the laboratory

when Dr. Kyle's conductinghis experiments."

It's this corkscrew shape.

Lick 'emand stick 'em, fellas.

Find out about your bodies.

It's 2012. It's not gay.It's about loving yourself.

It's okay.

"Loneliness"is a subjective term.

You know, it's--it's different for everybody.

I mean, you're a castawayon an island.

There's nobody around.That's lonely, you know?

But it could also meanyou lack the simple courage

to be able to say"hello" to somebody

sitting next to youon a bus.

That's lonely too,you know?

For me,I can define loneliness.

I can just hone it inas the very moment

that I realizedthat I had forgotten

I was masturbating

at a motelin Green Bay, Wisconsin.

That's it.That's the point.

That what I remember.

Just--it's not even sexual anymore.

It's just, like,an aggressive shooing away

of a nuisanceat this point.

So like I--"Come on, get out of here."

It's like I'm taking a broomto get raccoons off the porch.

Like, "Come on.Just--yah!


I understand nowwhy a dog can hump something

but stilllook right at you.

Like, I understand that.

You see a dog,it's like, "What?

"This feels goodand you're my buddy.


You're the one making it weird.What? What?"