Trevor Noah - Mixed Family

Trevor Noah & Dov Davidoff Season 2, Ep 1 10/04/2012 Views: 36,510

Growing up in South Africa, Trevor Noah always wanted to be black. (2:27)

My dream was to come to America,you know.

Not for a job or moneyor anything.

I've got a great life back home.

I always came here'cause I wanted one thing,

and that isI always wanted to be black.

Um, I grew up in South Africa

during a timeknown as Apartheid.

And for those who don't know,Apartheid was a law

in the countrythat made it illegal for

black and white people to mix,

which was awkward for me becauseI grew up in a mixed family.

Uh, well, with me beingthe mixed one in the family.

Uh, my mother's a black woman,South African,

and my father's Swiss,from Switzerland,

uh, so, he was a white man,and-- Well, he still is.

It's not like he changed.

I-I say that like

through hard work anddetermination, he became black.

No, that did not happen.

And, sir, you're fine.

I see the white guy going,"Is that po..."

No, it's not possible.

You are fine, sir.

He's still very white.

Very white.

And so they got together, myparents-- black mom, white dad,

which was against the law,but they didn't care.

They were mavericks, you know.

Yeah, my mom was like,

"Whoo, I don't care!

I want a white man! Whoo!"

And my dad was also--

well, you knowhow the Swiss love chocolate.

You know, so he was just...

He was in there.

And so they got together, thenthey had me, which was illegal.

So, I was born a crime.

Um, which was somethingthey never thought through.

'Cause as a family, we didn'tlive together normally.

Like, in the streets,my father had to walk

on the other side of the road.

And he could justwave at me from far.

Like a creepy pedophile.

My mom could walk with me,but if the police showed up,

she had to let goand act like I wasn't hers.

Every time, like...

(imitates a siren)

"It's not mine, it's not mine."

Felt like a bag of weed.

And one-one fateful day, uh,

you know, because I wasnever given a race--

I was never called black,never called white--

I-I had the privilege of meetingan American and he said to me,

said, "Well, you know, Trevor,it's funny you say that,

"'cause if youcome out to America,

they'll label you as black."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Hell yeah.

Everybody's black out there."

I was like, "Well, I wantto be black, yeah."

I bought myself a plane ticket'cause I found out it's true.

Mixed race people arecategorized as black in America.

Yeah, the only catch isyou have to be successful first.

Before that,they call you mixed.

Achieve successand you get upgraded to black.

All the famous mixed peoplehave done it.

Singers like Alicia Keysand Mariah Carey:

mixed, but they say "black,"right?

Tiger Woods: mixed,but they say "black golfer."

The most famous mixed personon the planet's Barack Obama:

mixed, half and half,

but you say your first"black president."

When he was running,he was the mixed candidate.