Uncensored - Amy Schumer - Giving Advice to the Audience

Ari Shaffir, Pete Davidson, Brad Williams Season 1, Ep 2 04/20/2014 Views: 116,146

Amy Schumer compliments the set, gives some advice to Dave's cameraman and comes up with the first dirty phrase of the night. (1:38)

coming up fora little bit?

I would love to,want me to come up?

All right, cool.


That's great.

Look at that.Nice.

Okay, so this is socool that you're here.

Yeah.Now, Noah is ourcamera person,

but you're kind of ourcelebrity camera person.

Oh my God.

Looks likeComiCon out there.

(Dave)It really does.

So much plaid.

Who's compostingat home?

I knew there wasa smell in the room.

What do you thinkof this set, huh?I love this set.

This is myfavorite railroad.

I can't believeyou-- an homage.

No, I love it.

This is-- I came down'cause it's completely


You can sayanything you want.

I'm sure you won't behearing the N-word,

unless someonesteals my bike again.

In which case...

Noah, you have a girlfriendor are you divorced?

I'm divorced.

(Amy)How did she let you go?

So, Noah, you'relooking for a chick.


Amy can giveyou some advice.

Give me someadvice, please.

I think start gettinginterested in cock.


(Amy)Trust me.

You couldn't lethim down easy?Trust me.

He could eat it,are you serious?

He's so cute.

He has a beard.

What is up withthat beard?

I'm from Alaska,so this comes naturally.

There you go, so that'sreally just pubic hair.

Hey, you know what,since you're up here--Yeah.

Would you mind throwing outthe first dirty naughty?

It could be anything.

A word, a joke,or something.

I mean...Okay.


Dirty double-penetratedcum-filled cunt pussy.


Is that okay?Is that good?

Take a breath!I'm sorry.

Amy Schumer, everybody.