Neel Nanda - Feeding Girls & Building Furniture

Shy Guy Season 3, Ep 3 03/17/2016 Views: 604

Neel Nanda explains what dating is like in Los Angeles and how his last relationship ended. (1:20)

I live in Los Angeles.

I'm dating in Los Angeles whichis fun, uh, but-- - Whoo!

- Okay, uh...

But I don't knowif I'm dating girls

or if I'm just feeding girls.I have no idea.

I've been going ona lot of feedings lately.

Some peoplehave been fed, cool.

Like, I was feeding this girlfor like six months, right?

It ended because she sent mea text message.

It was a cool text message.

She sent me this text that said,

"Hey, could you come overand help me build my bed?

"Then maybe we can use it?

Winking emoji."

Amazing text, right?It's amazing.

I immediately turn into,like, a '90s R&B singer.

I was like...[R&B beat]

♪ Girl, I'm gonna buildyour bed, then lay you down ♪

[cheers and applause]

Yeah, and then I realizedI can't build a bed.

There's no way.

I can barely build a bear,and there's a workshop for that.

I can't--can't build a bed.

I did do it.

I went over there.I did do it.

It took me like 45 minutesto an hour,

until I called a man.

I was like, "Hey, Danny,this is Courtney.

He's gonna be feeding youfrom now on."

[R&B beat]

♪ Now I'm gonna watch some pornwith headphones on ♪