Audio Quiz: What's That Horrible Sound?

Monday, November 14, 2016 11/14/2016 Views: 165

After listening to an unsettling sound, Arden Myrin, Samm Levine and Doug Benson choose from a lengthy list of possibilities to determine the source. (1:55)

First up-- audio quiz.

FEMALE VOICE: Audio quiz.

You can't spell "hear"without "ear"!

Comedians, I want you to hearthis sound with your ears.

Oh. Oh. Oh.


This sound wasall over the online.

What was it?

A) A baby monitorin a Chipotle bathroom?

B) Larry King doing pushups?

C) Yoko Ono's responseto Trump get elected?

D) An owl with brain damage?

E) A Cabbage Patch dollmelting in an oven?

F) Margaret Cho walkingover hot coals?

-G) The Goodyear Blimpdeflating? -(applause)

H) Queens of the Stone Ageplaying laser tag?

I) A divorceemeeting Chris Isaak?

J) A Stromboliexploding in a vacuum?

K) Bobby Flay gettinghis dick caught in his zipper?

-(cheers and applause) -L) Amonkey burping some Tupperware?

M) Nick Nolte on a trampoline?

N) A pumpkin fightat a Wal-Mart?

O) Donald Trump reacting toYoko Ono putting out a new song?

P) The final hoursof Sting having sex?

Q) One Gen Xergetting that joke?

R) Somebody getting arrestedat an Ikea?

-(laughter)-S) Sushi prank gone wrong?

T) A Furbywith dying batteries?

U) The pope sitting on his pen?

V) Meerkats makingsweet, sweet love?

W) Poppingthe world's largest zit?

X) Siri doingan Urkel impression?

Y) Why am I still doing this?

Z) C) Yoko Ono's responseto Trump getting elected?

(cheers and applause)

Doug Benson?

-It's "A."-(laughter)

HARDWICK:Let's find out together.

-Ooh. Ooh. Oh. Oh.-(laughter)

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Aah. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Aah! Aah!


-Uh...-MYRIN: Wow.

-Wow.-(cheers and applause)

LEVINE:I guess it was "Z."


-So, she liked it then?-(laughter)

That's Yoko Ono,the woman famous

for breaking up the Beatlesreacting to Donald Trump,

the manfor breaking up 'Merica.