Between the Scenes - Donald Trump vs. Intelligence

November 28, 2016 - Ryan Speedo Green 11/28/2016 Views: 8,581

Trevor reflects on how fitting it is that President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly been refusing intelligence briefings. (0:37)

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Trump doesn't care.

Did you hear they said Trump isrefusing intellegence briefings?

He's refusing - which, I thinkis hilarious that Trump -

Like just that sentence "Trumprefusing intellegence."

Is just so perfect.

[laughter and applause]Donald Trump is just like -

"I don't want yourintellegence!"

"Intellegence is not what got mehere"

"I don't want it now."

"From what I've seenintellegence will make people

vote for someone else"

"I don't want intellegence. Iwant to like me."