Exclusive - Keep It 100 - Timothy Simons: D**k Monster or S**t Tower? - Uncensored

06/16/2016 Views: 603

Timothy Simons must legally change his name to one of two things to prevent a Trump presidency -- and neither choice is good. (1:22)

(vibrating electronics)

I'm here with Timothy Simons, and it's time in the game

that I like to call keep it a hunnie, keep it one hunnie.

(thumping drums)

Alright, uh, you know how this works?

Keep your hand to 100 percent real,

you get one of these, man.

- [Timothy] Okay.

- Tell you friends, if not,you get some weak tea, alright?

- [Timothy] Okay. - Okay.

- Alright, Timothy, you ready? - Yeah.

- Okay, you, and you alone can stop

a Trump presidency, alright?

All you have to do is,legally change your name

for the rest of your life to one of the following

two things you've been called on your show, Veep, alright?

- Okay (laughing)

- Sky scraper of shit,

(audience laughing)

or, Frankenstein's monster (laughing)

Frankenstein's MonsterMade Out Of Dead Dicks.

(audience laughing)

You have to legally change your name

to one of those to save us all from President Trump.

Which one is it gonna be?

- I, uh, it takes no time to say that I'm gonna

change my name, and stop a Tr--

- [Larry] To?

- To Frankenstein's Monster Made Out Of Dead Dicks.

- [Larry] Yes!

- Simply--

(audience applauding)

- and I love that I might be able to go into a restaurant,

or like on a roll call,they'd have to be like,

Dead Dicks, Frankenstein's Monster, Made Out Of,

- [Larry] (laughing loudly) Party of six!

- [Timothy] Party of six, that's it.

- Party of dead dicks.

That's keepin' it hundred you guys!

(audience cheering)

- Here you go, very good.

- Do I put it on?

- [Larry] I suppose.

(audience applauding)