Damien Lemon - No Love for Other People's Love

Damien Lemon Season 3, Ep 9 07/11/2014 Views: 5,305

Damien Lemon never gets excited when he gets a wedding invitation. (1:23)

You can hear the enthusiasm in my voice.

And, uh, I'm... I'm gettingto the point now

where I'm starting to have,

like, no love

for other people's love.

Especially when it affectsmy budget, you know?

You know what I mean?

Like, when I geta wedding invitation,

I don't even get excited.

I look at that shitlike a invoice,

like, "How much isthis gonna cost?

This is ridiculous."

You know, 'cause people don'tget regular married no more.

Remember back in the days,people used to get married

at the local church in town,

somewhere you couldgo to by car...

That's played out now.

Like, everybody wants to havea destination wedding,

get married in some far-off,exotic location,

and they want you to come.

You know?'Cause you're a friend,

and this is a real-lifefriendship appraisal.

Like, I got friends of mine

that have never traveledno further than Atlanta,

but they wantto get married in Antigua.

And you gotta be there,you know?

So then you out therewith a attitude,

barefoot in the hot-ass sand,

moving from side to side, like,"Yo! I'm here!

I told you I was your friend!"

You beefin' withthe couple in the back,

"You know, I paid $1,500to come to this sh...

"This is the third one.

"I didn't even meetthe second wife.

This is some bullshit."