Jay Mohr - Wood Shop

Case, Yee, Mohr Season 2, Ep 26 05/26/1993 Views: 3,594

After your wood shop project went wrong, it was hard to look your friends in the eye. (2:29)

Every guy had the same one, man.


But every guy, eventually, everyguy likes to same one the best.

Wood shop.

Guys love would wood shop, man.

When you go in there youthink you're MacGyver.

You're 14 years old.

You go in there withthis bitchin' attitude.

Your friends see youin the lunch room.

Hey, Jay, what are you making?

You're like, Nautilus machine.

It's going to be mint, man.

Leg extension, bench press, latpulldown, curl bar, preacher

curl, tricep bar,rowing machine.

It's got an engine in caseyou want to drive to school.


We're going tocruise chicks, man.

Two weeks later, you can't evenlook your friends in the eye.

You let them down so bad.

Hey, Jay, where's theNautilus machine, man?

I didn't see it inthe parking lot.

What happened?

I couldn't do it.

What are you making instead?

Cutting board.

It's not funny.

What did you get on it.

I got in A, but I knew I would.

How come?

I bought it.

How about you, man?

How's the space shuttle coming?

Oh, I bailed on that, man.

I didn't feel likemaking that anymore.

That was weird, man.

Forget that.

What are you making instead?

Napkin holder.

What did you get on it?

I failed.

Dude, that sucks.

Yeah, tell me about it.

I bought it.

If you bought it,how could you fail?

It's plastic.

But you got thatdrunk shop teacher?

You remember that guy?

All my teachers would drink.

My teachers woulddrag just to avoid me

because I was sucha wasted kid, man.

You know how you can tellif your teacher's hungover?

Movie day.

Remember movie day?

You come in, there's a projectorin the middle of the room.

Ms. Crabtree's in thecorner with a pot of coffee

and her head between her legs.


She got the dry heaves.

It says right there onthe blackboard, Sit down.

Shut up.

And nobody says jello shots.


Watch that World War Itank video projector.

It was like, Platypus isAustralia's most famous animal.

Thank you very much.