Backstage at the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival

Born in the Valley, Hollywood Finale Season 1, Ep 12 01/06/2014 Views: 1,207

Brody works the crowd at the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival and hangs out with his sister in Jeff Ross's dressing room. (1:51)

Oddball Comedy and CuriosityFestival.

Dave Chappelle,Flight of the Conchords...

flip-flopping with me...

on the second stage.

This is big! Yes! You got it!

What a round of applause.I didn't ask for that...

but I will accept it.

I'm walking throughthe audience with Jesus.

That's what I do.Two Jews hanging out.

Arms crossed, negative energy.What's going on here.

May be anti-Semitic,that's what I'm picking up on.

Sorry for spitting on you.You got it.

This is fun, right?

Brody, this is so cool.

I come to every show early towatch you every show. I love it.

You're like a master crowdworker.

You think so?Yeah.

Will you bring me up lateron the main stage?

Are you serious?Yeah, of course.

That'll be great.Hype 'em up for me.


The Oddball Festival has landed.

And tonight, we gota great host for you.

Let's give him a nice,huge ovation!

Say hello to Jeffrey Ross!


Hey, it's Jeff Ross again.And we're still here.

It's my dressing room, Brody.

Oh.Oh, is it?

You have to admit, you likebeing here backstage.

It's Sunday, normally you'rehome watching Murder She Wrote.

You guys look like sisters.

They look like sisters.We do, totally, right?

What-- you stop that.

So gross.

Stephanie, wave to the camera.

We did it.

We've come full circle.Right, Stephanie?


Enjoy it!Say that, Stephanie.

Go, "Enjoy it."Enjoy it.

Little louder. Enjoy it!

Enjoy it.

A little more, Stephanie.Enjoy it!

Enjoy it.


Right, Stephanie?Yes.