Celebrating the New York City Marathon

November 7, 2016 - Jonathan Capehart 11/07/2016 Views: 15,675

Trevor likens the New York City Marathon to the 2016 presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (1:35)

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I know you,like me, are anxious

and freaking out about tomorrow.

But let's startwith something more positive.

A little bit more positive.Congratulations to everyone

who ran the New York CityMarathon this weekend.

-Congratulations!-(cheering, applause)

Well done.Well done to all of you.

The New York marathon is one ofmy favorite days of the year.

Because it's the only time youcan have a bunch of black people

being chased down the streetby the police,

and instead of tragedy, it endswith them receiving a medal.

And the white peopleare cheering like,

"Run faster, black guy,run faster!

We're all together!"

I love it so much. I love it.

And I know a lot of are youwondering, you're going, uh,

"Trevor, did yourun the marathon?

I mean, you are African."

Uh, no, I did not.That is racist.

I... I actually spent the day

worshipping this bottlethat fell from the sky.

That's-that's what I did.

Now... now, even thoughthe marathon was, uh,

supposed to be an escapefrom this madness, uh,

and all the madnessfrom the election, really,

I couldn't helpconsidering the parallels.

Just think about it.

Both candidates are likewhat you see in the marathon.

Hillary Clinton--she's been running forever.

Struggling to the very end,

but fiercely determinedto cross that finish line.

And Donald Trump--he's the Porta-Potty

on the side of the roadthat's full of (bleep).

And yet somehow,still, people are like,


"You know what I likeabout the Porta-Potty?

it smells like it is. Yeah!"