Andy Kindler - Bargain Comedian

Kightlinger, Posehn, Kindler Season 2, Ep 19 05/19/1993 Views: 1,893

Shop around and get the lowest prices in comedy. (1:50)

I was Tchotchke on the hitseries "Who's Watching?"

I also played Mr. Tuesday on theseries "Every Other Wednesday,"

which came out on--came out on Thursdays,

interestingly enough.

First time I wore a suitjacket since my bar mitzvah,

ladies and gentlemen--first time.

I don't remember-- yeah, OK,applaud whenever-- I don't

remember much aboutmy bar mitzvah.

The only thing Iremember-- I killed!

That's what I remember.

Nobody could followme at my bar mitzvah.

It was over when I was done.

My mother is a-- my mother is--I like when people look around

to see what's happening--I, uh-- my mother

would be so proud that I'mfinally wearing a suit jacket.

My mother is always tryingto get me to dress up

for comedy. (NEW YORK ACCENT)You mean you wouldn't wear

a nice blazer onstage, Andy,with a dress shirt open-necked?

My entire family is from Queens.

And everyone in Queens hasthis look on their face.

That's not pastrami asfar as I'm concerned.

And we all laugh about it.

Ladies and gentlemen-- and whenI say "ladies and gentlemen"

I mean it only in themost insincere, fake,

show business-like way possible.

I started comedy in 1949.

I started out in the Catskills.

I was a tummler.

I used to entertain peoplein their hotel rooms

in the heart shaped bathtubs.

Now-- now I travelaround the country.

I play everywhere.


Because I'm Andy Kindler,bargain comedian.

That's right.

Shop around.

Get the lowest price from thebiggest hack in the business.

I'll beat it by $10, oryou get the act for free.

I don't know if you're clappingbecause it's a good price

or you enjoy the joke.

For $50 more, ask aboutmy suitcase of fun.