Extended Scene - Lillian's Sexual Revolution

Harvard Season 2, Ep 7 07/27/2016 Views: 299

When Lillian finds out that she can have sex for pleasure without getting pregnant, all bets are off. (2:20)

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(piano tinkling)

(china rattling)

(maid whimpering)

- (stuttering) Will there be anything else my ladies?


(all laughing)

- W, w, w, will there beanything else my ladies?

The word will doesn't have that many Ws.

- Actually it doesn't have any.


- Well men who don't think women are funny

ought to watch Blanche deal with her stupid problem.

- As much as I hate to admit it,

it was a trifleamusing to see her cry.

- How do people even get that fat?

Some people haveno self control.

- I think she's more than fat.

I think Blanche is pregnant.

- Beatrice, no one's interestedin your medical opinion.

Remember when you had a concussion?

- No.

- Beatrice is right.

Blanche is clearly pregnant.

- Oh well, I believe Hortense.

- But I just said that.

- Yes, but I believe her.

Hortense is the smart but ugly one

and you're the tall but dumb one.

- Well which one are you?

- Right now I'm the horny one.

Blanche is pregnant, custard farts!

Well at least someone around here is having sex.

I'm so amorous I'm beginning to miss

my required monthlypenetration with Victor.

- Poor Blanche, she should have used a condom.

- Wait, what, a condom?

- Yes, you know, that thing you use so you can have sex

for pleasure without getting pregnant.

- I can have sex for pleasure without spawning a child?

Like I'm some kind of a man?

("Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah)



(startled gasping)

Garfield, I need a condom!