KT Tatara - Asian Jokes

Season 1, Ep 0104 07/20/2006 Views: 10,616

KT Tatara cruises the subways for ladies. (1:54)

Trying to bring us upto a new level, man.

Comics are making funof Asian people.

It's not right.They know I'm going on the show.

What's up with that?

We're the only minoritythat gets made fun of

while we're still in the room.

No one hesitates.No one looks first.

Asian guys smell like fish, man.

I was at this store thing--no offense, buddy--

anyway, the Asian guy...

What? No one tries thatwith black people.

Anyone makes a black joke--Shhh!

There's a black guy right there.

He's gonna beat us up or start

a march or something.

Shut the hell up.

I go to comedy showsevery night, man.

I'm standing in the back.

Some comedianmakes an Asian joke,

and what do you guys do?

Turn and laughright in my face.


I bet you do got a small penis.


No wonder you can't drive.


That's not right, people.I'm sexy.

Got the highlights touched up.

You like the highlights?

They came with the Honda Civic.

There's your one Asian joke.

You happy, racist people?

It's good to be herein New York City.

This is my favorite city.

It's a good placeto meet the ladies, guys.

Trust me, okay,it's the best place.

If you ride the subwayin New York

long enough,eventually a hot chick

will sit next to you, okay.

Trust me, I'm Asian.I did the calculations.

Trust me.

I'm always riding, you know,hoping a hot chick

will sit next to me and maybeshe'll want to hook up.

but I always getsome old lady that--

Why is it old peoplehave no one to talk to?

They just want to come on,"Hey, how's it going?

"My God, you're really cute.

"You have really niceskin and teeth.

"You have a crazy haircut.

You want some pie?"La-la-la-la-la-la-la.

... you, Grandma,I don't got time for this.

Are we gonna ( bleep ) or what?

So we did. On the train.