A Summer Heat Wave Hits the Southwest

June 21, 2016 - Tavis Smiley 06/21/2016 Views: 8,669

Newscasters in the Southwest find unconventional ways to report on a summer heat wave. (4:31)

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yesterday wasthe first day of summer.

Kids celebratedby running through sprinklers.

Families broke outtheir barbecues.

And once again,DJ Jazzy Jeff sat alone

on the back of the truckwaiting for Will to show up.


♪ Summer, summer, summertime.


Of course, for many Americans,the first day of summer

signified somethingmuch different.

It's hot as balls.

The first day of summerhas arrived,

and it will be a scorcherfor tens of millions

of Americans in the Southwest.

Temperatures reaching120 degrees.

WOMAN: 40 million people are under a heat warning.

It can get so hot,

you can actually fry an eggright on the sidewalk.

Yeah, that's how hot...

Wait. Why are we using eggsto tell temperature?

-(laughter)-I don't understand this.

Like, people in Africa arewatching this saying going,

"We would never do thatin Africa, huh?

"We don't do such things,and we don't like wasting food,

"and also,we don't have sidewalks.

"Yeah, that is part of it.

Because we call them pavements,you racist, that's why."


But the heat... the heat ishaving some serious effects.

It's causing wildfires, youknow, there are heat warnings,

and LeBron James is now cryingjust to keep his face cool.

-(laughter)-But most of all...

Most of all, the heat is makingnews lose its minds.

Even at this hourbefore sunrise,

it's already over 90 degrees.

Later today, this playgroundwill be way too hot to touch.

Hey, news guy, I know it's hot,

but try not to sound likeyou're sending secret messages

-to creeps online.-(laughter)

"The playground will betoo hot to touch.

I repeat: the playgroundwill be too hot to touch."

But sorry. You were saying?

We've got our heat gun. I'mgonna check some temperatures.

Right here the pavement's171 degrees!

This slide is 185 degrees.

171 on this swing.

146 degrees.

175 degrees.



You know that's a job

that literally onlya white reporter could do that.

There is no black journalistwho would ever agree

to waving any type of gunaround in a public space.

The station manager's like,

"We need youto use this temperature gun

to report the heat wave."

And he's like, "Just sayyou want me to shot on camera.

"Just say it, man.

I know the ratings are down.Just say it."

So it's clearly too hotfor grown men

to hang around a playground.

But of course, nothing beats thehot weather like a nice swim.

MAN: This may be the best thingto cover out of this heat wave.

A bear cooling offin a swimming pool in Bradbury.

I came over with my daughter

to visit my fatherfor Father's Day.

When I walked in, I saw somefootprints when I looked out.

-MAN: Uh-huh.-And then, all of a sudden,

the bear came from around thecorner and jumped into the pool.

And then, he continued to playaround for about 20 minutes.


Oh, that's really cute now.

But you know it's goingto be an entire summer

-of that bear stopping by now.-(laughter)

Just, like, bothering youthe whole summer.

Like, "Hey, anyone home?

"Hey, can I use the pool?

"Hey! Hey, do you mindif I eat your cat?

"Do you mind if I eat your...?Yeah, I'm gonna eat your cat.

I'm so cute." (laughs)

Things are so bad that America'syouth are taking refuge

in the strangest of places.

It can be very difficultto find a place to cool off,

especially whenit is this hot outside.

We did finda public library open

during some of the hottesthours, from 12:00 to 4:00.

Hey, wait a minute, kid.

You're not allowedto give a hang ten sign

if you're not on a surfboard,okay?

There's rules.

That's like an Uber driversaying like,

"All aboard, mateys!

I be the captainof this here Toyota Yaris."


And this report only got more,

um, shall we say, investigative?

WOMAN: Chelsea Melanson and Ericka Gustafson

have lived together for three years.

With temperatures skyrocketing, they had no choice but

-to get out of the house. -ERICKA: The summers lately

have just been horrible.

In 100 degree weather,and, like she said,

with all the windows in front,

it's like an oven,and it just bakes us in.

-(laughter)-Really, news?

-These are your weather experts?-(laughter)

Yes? Yeah?

Who is the creepy producerwho put this together?

"No, ladies,that was a great take.

"Let's try this oneon the trampoline.

"That's good, yeah. That's good.

No, it's for the news.Yeah, it's for the news."

Seriously, people,this ridiculous.

You're the news!

Is there anything practical

that you can tell usabout this heat wave?

NEWSWOMAN: If you don't have air conditioning,

go to a friend or neighbor's house with air conditioning.

And, of course, always remember to stay hydrated.

-(laughter)-Finally! Something useful.

Stay hydrated and--wait a minute.

Did the heat wave bake that kidinto a full-grown man?


That is eggs-hot!

Get him out of there!