Die-Hard Beyonce Fans Show Their Support

Monday, October 17, 2016 10/17/2016 Views: 182

Inspired by overzealous Beyonce fans, Robert Kirkman, Jonah Ray and Adam Conover describe the bizarre ways other music lovers show solidarity. (1:35)

Perfect queen-of-everything,

Beyoncé, was finally provenmortal this past weekend,

when her earring ripped outduring a performance,

causing her to emitwhat appears to be human blood.

Uh, she's fine, I think?

She's used to it.Beyoncé blood is what

the Illuminati use to begintheir Christmas parties.

-(laughter)-So she'll be fine.

(applause and cheering)

She'll be fine.

And she finished the concertlike a pro,

but some of the more ferventmembers of the Bae Hive

are showing their solidarityby making themselves bleed...

-(Hardwick laughs) -Oh, no!-(laughter and groaning)

What is our culture?

...with the hashtag#CutForBeyonce.

-Oh, God! -Uh...-(groaning)

This is ridiculous,especially considering

not a single person showedtheir solidarity last year

with the hashtag#WhipYourDickOutForLennyKravitz.


-(cheers and applause)-There he is. -Ah.

CONOVER:He has known

-struggle, too, you know.-Yeah.

♪ It wants to get away.



It looks like it hurt real bad.

HARDWICK:It... (laughs)

Comedians... what are peopledoing in solidarity

with other musicians?


in solidarity,fans of Sublime are sucking.

-HARDWICK: Aw, Jesus Christ.-(laughter)

You know, they hadsome good songs, Jonah.

-No, they didn't.-All right, points.


(Hardwick laughing)

-Adam. -In solidaritywith Keith Richards,

fans are hiding heroinin their walkers.