Gina Brillon - Ladies Lying to Themselves

Gina Brillon & Alfred Robles Season 3, Ep 6 11/08/2014 Views: 8,503

Gina Brillon is tired of her friends calling themselves cougars just because they date younger guys. (1:00)

Like, I have a girlfriendof mine.

She's a...She calls herself a cougar.

She's dating a younger guy.

She's like,"I'm a cougar. Rawr."


I'm like,"You're an idiot. Stop."

I just don't like that.I don't like when women call...

Like, if you're an older womanand you date a younger guy,

good for you-- you can't finda good man, raise one.

It's not my job to judge you.

Not my job.

You got to dowhat you got to do.

But don't liken yourselfto a predatory animal.

Why would you do that?

You like the sound of that,ladies?

You're gonna be so "hard up"for man meat

that you got to hunt it?

And you got to huntthe younger ones

'cause their legs are weakerand they don't run as fast.


Older guys can sensea crazy chick coming, right?

Like, "Is that Sharon?My knee's acting up."

You guys have been amazing.Thank you so much.