Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening - Ted Cruz Snubs Donald Trump at the RNC

July 21, 2016 - Salman Rushdie 07/21/2016 Views: 1,020

Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointedly neglects to endorse Donald Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention, drawing both condemnation and praise. (3:44)

All right...

so... it was a big,awkward night for the VP,

but the nightgot awkward-er-er...

er... when Texas senator

and noted anti-dildo activistTed Cruz--

-(laughter) -uh, this is true,did you see that?--

r-refused-- oh! --

to endorse Donald Trump.

Stand and speakand vote your conscience.

Vote for candidatesup and down the ticket

who you trustto defend our freedom

and to be faithfulto the constitution.

(crowd booing, yelling)

Man, I ca...

Guys, this issuch a significant moment.

He got booedat his own party's convention.

Who gives a speechon such an important night

at his own party's conventionand gets booed?

I mean, who butthe Zodiac Killer?


That's right.

Purported Zodiac Killer...

Ted Cruz serial-killed the vibe

of the room last night

by sticking to principle.

And that principle is"I am a creepy man

who wants to be presidentin 2020."

Actually, you know what,I have to tell you, though,

this... makes me feel dirty

and I-I want to scrub my bodywith steel wool,

but I have to do it, um...

I got to give propsto Ted Cruz, man.

He... he stood upfor his conservative beliefs.

I mean, that's the only reason

he'd give a speechlike that, right?

I am not in the habitof supporting people

who attack my wifeand attack my father.

Oh, (bleep).

Hold on--

this is a beef?

Is this the RNC or the VMAs?

You're airing out a beef at theRepublican National Convention--

who does that?

Except the Zodiac Killer.


Or maybe Kanye, maybe Kanye.All right.

So, I guess, well, the onlyreason he did this speech

was to protect his wife.

REPORTER: After the speech, Heidi Cruz

was actually escorted off the floor

out of security concerns

as people were heckling her and yelling things.

You left her on the floor?

No, no.

You knew you weregoing to give this speech.

You could have left her at home

with your daughterswho hate you.

Right? What, what?

They do...Guys, I didn't make that up.

Come... Dre, roll 212.Show 'em what I mean.

-Ow, ow, ow! Ow.-(growls)

Good job, good j...


I think she, uh...

looks like sheMike Penced him, right?

I wonder what was going through her mind during that.

La-Larry, uh,can I give this a shot?

Oh, yeah, yeah,sure, sure, sure, Jordan.

Yeah, okay, she was, um, like...

"This is uncomfortable,'cau-'cause you're my dad."

Jordan, you really suck at this.


-It's all right, man,-(bleep).

It's all right.

But, uh, so,everyone's upset at Cruz

and this whole speech, but noteveryone's upset with Cruz.

In fact, some out there arecalling him a principled hero.

But I have to say,

if the bar for calling someonea principled hero

is not endorsing the guywho called Mexicans rapists,

wants to ban Muslims,

seems to want to sleep withhis daughter,

regularly says completelymisogynist garbage,

has no real ideas,has been accused

of attempted sexual assault,

defrauded peopletrying to get their education,

denigrated a POW,and, worst of all,

tried to sell us all somefrankly underwhelming steaks...

we are in a lot of trouble.

We'll be right back.